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  • All work submitted must be “internet friendly”
  • The artwork submitted must belong to any digital art modality. Additionally, sound must be the primary medium or be an essential part of the piece. Digital art modalities accepted are video, animation, sound visualization, computer music, glitch art. If your artwork does not fit in any of these categories, please send an email to info@sqrwaves.com with a description of your artwork to evaluate if it is possible to include it in the Pavilion.
  • No need for artwork inspired in news, actual politics, sports or injustices. All TV networks worldwide do that every day. No need to replicate bad news, or universal injustices. Let’s keep it fun, positive, creative, whimsical and inspiring.
  • The submissions will be examined by the curator of the pavilion, Patricio Majano, who will select the artwork that will be featured in the pavilion.
  • Artists selected for one pavilion will not be able to participate in any of the other pavilions.
  • Applications will be received from the day of this publication until January 31 2018. Applications submitted before September 15 will be given priority.
  • Selected artist will be notified by email. Additionally, their names will be published on this event page prior to the opening of the pavilion.
  • For more information or other inquires please email info@sqrwaves.com
  • To apply please fill THIS FORM.